We help our customers instrument their code to discover and resolve complex performance, configuration, architecture and coding problems to put out a production fire or to ensure hitting development milestones. Our highly talented, expert engineers can get help you ensure that your product ship date never slips and that your systems perform at optimal level under load.


Whether your mobile, web application, or infrastructure needs to support millions of concurrent users or millions of transactions per second, our team can help you conceptualize, plan and architect a solution that will be perform and scale to meet your users' needs. We help you bring your products to life by working with you to develop an application and infrastructure architecture to support your solution on mobile or the web - delivered on premises or in the cloud.

Additionally, we have significant expertise in automating both the build out of consistent infrastructure environments as well as the automation of application deployments to support rapid delivery of your product(s).


Our delivery teams bring years of expertise and we can help you to rapidly deliver solutions to market by leveraging lean and continuous delivery methodologies. We believe in test-driven-development and specialize in architecting and developing solutions that are flexible and evolve with your business. We work with customers to build industry leading mobile, web and infrastructure solutions.


We are a Premier Red Hat Partner, authorized re-seller and can help you move to enterprise open source offerings from Red Hat - including Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), JBoss Entrprise Middleware, and Red Hat Openstack Distribution

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If you use Open Source, you should pay for it (you probably already are)

Author: Nova Ordis
I know, paying for software is so antiquated. Let’s face it - a significant number of software engineers simply “google” for products that fit their problem, download them, incorporate them into their product and move on. And, surprisingly, a large number of Enterprise software developers do th...

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Welcome to the new Nova Ordis!

Author: Nova Ordis
Welcome to the new Nova Ordis,!

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